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As another year draws to an end, I wanted to take the oportunity to thank all of our customers and suppliers for another succesfull year. We have grown the bussines inspite of a fiercly comptetive market and I am currently enganging with some excisting new partnerships to continue this into next year.

Plastics remain firmly in the headlines, whether it's microplastics, food waste polymers or recycling sustainability. Whatever the issue Wessex remain comitted and able to contribute signifcantly to the plastic recycling sector, whilst continue to protect our environment.



Rota Molding

Thursday, 07 February 2013 11:04


Rota Molding involves a heated hollow mold which is filled with material. It is then slowly rotated causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mold. In order to maintain even thickness throughout, the mold continues to rotate at all times to avoid sagging or deformation.

Rota molding is used to make all kinds of things from oil tanks and bottle banks to canoes and containers.


Injection Moulding

Tuesday, 04 September 2012 15:12


Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. Material is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and forced into a mould cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity

Injection Moulding produces such small products as bottle tops; sink plugs, children's toys, containers, model kits, disposable razors. It is however also used to produce larger items such as dustbins, milk crates, dingy hulls and kit car body shell parts.


About Our Blog

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:02


Welcome to the Wessex Blog!  We will be using the blog to provide an update of what we are doing at Wessex and also to provide information regarding recycling plastic, the different types of plastic and the moulding processes.

Watch this space, coming soon…… find out more about Injection Moulding!


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