Plastic Recyclers

since 1987

We are an established plastic reprocessing company and have been recycling plastic for over 25 years.

We now reprocess a huge range of hard and soft plastic and have earned an excellent reputation in our industry for providing top quality products combined with an efficient, friendly service.

Latest News

As another year draws to an end, I wanted to take the oportunity to thank all of our customers and suppliers for another succesfull year. We have grown the bussines inspite of a fiercly comptetive market and I am currently enganging with some excisting new partnerships to continue this into next year.

Plastics remain firmly in the headlines, whether it's microplastics, food waste polymers or recycling sustainability. Whatever the issue Wessex remain comitted and able to contribute signifcantly to the plastic recycling sector, whilst continue to protect our environment.




We support many commercial enterprises and now work in partnership with a huge range of suppliers. We have a very loyal customer base and are in the enviable position of gaining new business by word of mouth & personal recommendation. Here are some of the comments we have received:


"Numatic International Ltd, home of Henry & Hetty vacuum cleaners have been business partners with Wessex Associated Industries Ltd for over 20 years and have always found the whole team happy and helpful, giving excellent service, always striving to find ways to improve.

We would like to congratulate Wessex on their 25th anniversary and wish them a prosperous 2013 in the recycling industry”

Tina Martin

Purchasing Department 



“Wessex Recycling was there from day one, they took the time to teach us all we needed to know about recycling plastic. We feel like Wessex Recycling and ourselves are on a mission together to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill”

A Regional Recycling Centre


“We have worked closely with Wessex Recycling for many years and the consistently high quality material they produce ensures they are one of our top suppliers”

A National Compounding Company


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